Please be advised that the Town of Cornwall and the Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson are jointly undertaking the development of a Hazard Mitigation Plan. The development of this joint Plan was initiated in March 2010 by a Hazard Mitigation Planning Team (HMPT) appointed by the Cornwall Town Board and Village Board of Trustees. The Turner Miller Group, a local planning consultant, was retained by the Town and Village to assist the HMPT in the preparation of the Plan.

The Purpose of a Hazard Mitigation Plan is to develop strategies that reduce the loss of life and property resulting from natural disasters. Once a local government has adopted a hazard mitigation plan, they are eligible to receive certain types of non-emergency disaster assistance.

Comments and Feedback from residents and property owners
The planning committee is inviting comments and feedback.  Written comments may be submitted via mail at the address below.  Please be sure to include your name and address in all correspondence.    

Email Comments: Email Link
Via Mail: Town of Cornwall, Hazard Mitigation Planning Committee, 183 Main Street, Cornwall, NY 12518

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Draft Town of Cornwall/Village of COH 2013 Joint Hazard Mitigation Plan: Download Link
Town of Cornwall/Village of COH 2013 Joint Hazard Mitigation Plan Appendix: Download Link