Contact Information
  Town Supervisor
Joshua T. Wojehowski
P: (845) 534-3760 
F: (845) 534-4342

Town Supervisor
183 Main Street
Cornwall, NY 12518

Presiding Officer

The Supervisor is the presiding officer at meetings of the Cornwall Town Board. As such, the Supervisor sets the agenda for each meeting and calls for votes on resolutions that have been cooperatively developed by the Supervisor and the Town Board.

Town Board Member
The Supervisor is not only the presiding officer of the Cornwall Town Board but votes like all the other members. As such, the Supervisor votes on each matter.

Town Executive and Administrator
After the Cornwall Town Board decisions have been made, the Supervisor carries them out. All town employees, except for elected officials, report to the Supervisor who is responsible for the ongoing day to day operation of Town government and the direction of its many services.

Chief Fiscal Officer
The Supervisor is, in effect, the treasurer of the Town of Cornwall and generally represents the Town in the conduct of its financial affairs.

Citizen Ombudsman
Citizens contact the Supervisor’s Office with their questions, complaints and suggestions. In response, the Supervisor’s Office strives to research and resolve such issues in a professional and friendly manner.